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Did you know? Rebecca's original artwork is for sale. All of the original drawings in the comics, albums and on the site can be yours, signed by Rebecca. Many of the older ones are already sold. These are one of a kind pieces. But the later clebs and superheroines are still avialable. Contact Rebecca personally for a quote. You may be surprised how reasonable they are.


Rebecca's Artwork Collection
Pinup collections of suburban wifedom and motherhood from her uniquely kinky viewpoint! 
This is razor-sharp social commentary and hot artwork! 

# 1
Housewives at Play 
Pinup Collection
Everyday housewives ... NOT!
The first Housewives At Play Pinup Collection features hot D&S lesbian action, with plenty of bondage, strap-ons, forced exhibition, kinky pregnancy illustrations, and resourcefully pervy uses for Chip-Clips! 64 PPG's.
Housewives At Play Pinup Collection
Everyday housewives ... NOT!
More Housewives At Play is even naughtier, with outdoor fisting, toilet fun, and forced milk expression --- and that's just the first three illustrations! Lots of lactation and enema scenes, and the bondage seems more strict than in the first Collection. 58 ppg. 

"Still More" 
Housewives At Play 
Pinup Collection
Everyday housewives ... NOT!


Do As You're Told

Grab your ankles! Cook my dinner! Rest your lips on it! Wash the dishes! Demands! Nagging! Complaining! Whining! Mommy is sick of it! and now it's Mommy's turn to be the boss! And thankfully The Eros Master of America's Main Street is there, lurking, studying and capturing the suburban sexual secrets of our time in her totally awesome pencil renderings of raunch and rambunction! It's schwing-tastic the way Rebecca casts her sex-magic! 48 pages.


A new graphic album from the master of suburban erotica, Rebecca brings us an all girl/girl issue of her delicate pencil drawings. This volume features a host of pretty housewives as our imaginations would like to see them, engaged in forbidden acts of sensual delights. Only in an American suburb would you find so many beautiful housewives, horny as hell, and ready for non-stop sex action .... while hubby is away, the wives will play

"Oh we're goin' to the chapel and we're gonna get married"...to the horniest, sex-crazy future housewives a wedding ceremony has ever seen.  These beautiful brides-to-be can't wait to get home for the honeymoon and want to be as bad and nasty as they can be.  All dressed up in their beautiful wedding gowns and ready for their sacred vows these turned-on gals are using the champagne bottles for masturbation, giving oral sex to the Reverend, and making out with the bridesmaids, as they join with each other in wedlock.  Beautifully rendered in pencil, Rebecca gives us 48 more pages of marriages that were never meant to be.  here is a wedding album of bridal pictures guaranteed not soon to forget.
Mother KNows Best

Mother does know best, oh yes indeed... She knows when you’ve been naughty, she knows when you’ve been really naughty (baby, this is the 21st century, “nice” ain’t even in play any more), she knows not only how to spell “zucchini” but what to do with one, she knows how to make your birthday take the cake, she knows “motherfucker” is no insult, she knows her favorite team’s the Cougars, and she knows math: MILF + MAIDEN + INCEST equals MMMMMM x THE BEST. It’s another all-new collection of scrumptious action plates from Rebecca, need we say more? 48 pages.

Here is All Access to the kinky world of Rebecca's suburban world of hornier than thou  housewives.  Rebecca brings us an underworld of sexual lust  brought on by some of the hottest  housewives this side of a Playboy magazine.  Thesehousewives are more interested in lactating breasts and brutal bondage than they are about the next PTA meeting or soccer match.    A side of the suburban lifestyle that nobody wants to admit to.  Here's another volume filled with Rebecca's beautifully rendered pencil drawings of lust filled housewives.

The barbecue is flaming HOT, and so are the women of Rebeccaland - grilling their asses and toasting their feet with sensual torture and tears.  The recipe calls for lactating breast milk and cookies decorated with pussy-juice and pee, making 'em finger-lickin' good indeed.  This big collection of Rebecca's features her beautiful housewives out in the open, smack-dab in the middle of suburbia.  Damn all those secrets kept behind closed door - this is Rebeccaland.  Suburbia without Rebecca would be a very mundane place.  All hail Rebecca!
Working Moms

In this all-new, all-hardcore collection of scrumptious plates, Rebecca salutes the lovely ladies - nurses, teachers, sales executives, crossing guards, dentists, librarians - ooh, librarians! - whose presence in the workforce makes those endless workdays less unbearable for the rest of us

Another graphic album from the prolific pencils of licentious creator Rebecca containing 48 pages of the most beautiful and lush pencil drawings that her fans have grown to love and cherish. This book, as the title says, is about sweetness. These girls can be sweet, charming, and caring too — towards other women that is — husbands be damned.
Love Letters

Here is another sumptuous batch of pencil drawings by the talented and prolific creator of desperate domestic goddesses, Rebecca. This time around she tackles love letters. Suburban housewives are resigned to writing heartbreaking love letters to their husbands because they have become too entranced with the other housewives in the neighborhood. Page after page of classy and chic girl-on-girl action only Rebecca can deliver. Suburbia will never be the same again. 48-page b&w softcover.

Do You Work Here?

Now THAT's customer service! Rebecca, the world's premier purveyor of feverish female-on-female flesh, fetish and fantasy, brings us an eager-to-please workforce of Sapphic suburban swingers. That's right, these Housewives are out of the house and bringing home the bacon -- but the sizzle's all on the job! As always, Rebecca's exquisitely explicit, lusciously lush tonal drawings make these pin-ups pop off the page with unparalleled passion. Whether they're demonstrating a new mattress, pumping gas, showcasing a pearl necklace or serving up a tasty muffin -- sometimes wearing nothing but a nametag (ouch!) -- these bodacious bosses, bangin' baristas, libidinous lifeguards, horny hairdressers, and lascivious loan officers are stimulating their own economy and guaranteed to have your sales chart rising! For these women, complete customer satisfaction is their #1 goal!

Alone With Me

Sometimes a busy, mature housewife just needs a little alone time, y'know? Some time to get in touch with herself... to recharge her batteries. Which sometimes means draining a few batteries. And a little baby oil. Or the garden hose. There might be a spatula involved. Possibly a banana.  From the kitchen to the laundry room, in the backyard and in the bedroom, and even at the store, these intimate personal moments are captured in loving detail in this gallery of sensuously shaded pencil drawings by Rebecca, who obviously knows a thing or two (or seven hundred) about XXX-rated suburban sexuality. So let that pot simmer on the stove ... let the bills pile up... and take a private peek behind closed doors at Rebecca's lovely, insatiable MILFs as they steal away to lather up in the shower, peruse their secret stashes of girlie mags, peel off their panties in the pantry, and give themselves a hand with the housework. We won't tell.
What A Woman Wants

There’s no more experienced guide through the world of woman-on-woman desire than the prolific artist who calls herself Rebecca, and this newest collection of her sumptuous, superrealistic pin-up art is her hottest, most intensely erotic volume yet! This searing salvo of Sapphic suburban seduction features Rebecca’s lovely, lusty, lushly drawn ladies in the grip of forbidden passion and untold pleasure. See their private moments unfold amidst their immaculate surroundings: on the bed… in the tub… on the kitchen counter… in the nursery… in the car… in the fitting room… even at church! Together or by themselves, these mature, experienced women know what it takes to fulfill their most profound urges – much to the surprise of their husbands! They’re only too happy to lend each other a hand… or a tongue… or a fist! Let Rebecca provide your window into a world where women know best, as only she can.
Wide Open Spaces

It's the special al-fresco edition of Housewives at Play, as these saucy darlings cavort in weather fair and foul, showing off their God-given (Rebecca-given, really) ass-ets and count-try charms. You wouldn't mind getting one of these hotties behind the woodshed, now would you? Open wide and say mmmmmmmm...

Why is the basement locked? What are those noises coming from out in the shed? Bob's wife never came home from her shopping trip! Rebecca, never one to shy away from outrageous depictions of female-on-female lust, takes her always-stunning work to a shocking new extreme in this collection of captivating captive cuties. These dames in distress have been ripped from their domesticated world -- and domesticated like pets! Stripped of their clothes and dignity, forced to pose and perform for their cunning captors, do these "kept women" strain at the depraved bonds of their domination... or revel in their slavish devotion? One thing's for sure: one look at this book would make Nancy Grace's head explode.
Hanky Spanky

Rebecca opens a can of whup-ass! It's bottoms-up as your favorite portrayer of perfect perversion takes her lineup of lovely lesbian ladies over her knee and delivers her most hard-hitting gallery of pin-ups yet! These raw, rosy-cheeked women have been very, very bad and are getting the punishment they deserve! See them paddled -- and poked, pinched and prodded -- by their female friends and neighbors using belts, brushes, spoons, strap-ons, and the good old-fashioned open hand (and one well-placed fist). Discipline has never been so delightful! This wham-bam collection will leave you saying, "Thank you ma'am! May I have another?"

Housewives At Play  Comics
Comic book format, black and white format (except where noted)       by Rebecca
Purchase Housewives At Play Through Eros Comics 
*Issues #1 through #6  Black and White Price $2.95 each    *Issues #7 through #9   Price $3.50 each     *Issues # 10 and up  Full Color  Price $4.95 each
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Housewives at Play #1 Comic Catherine Mitchell is a bored, neglected housewife living in the suburbs. When she confesses to best friend Patty how sexless her marriage is, her pal drugs and binds her, then gives her an afternoon she'll never forget! . Housewives at Play #2 Comic Jennifer catches on to what has been going on between Catherine and her friend Patty, and enlists them into planning the ultimate "surprise party!"
Housewives at Play #3 Comic Catherine is given the job as house whore at the local sex club at the edge of town, where she is forced to have sex with all sorts of lowlifes, and meets Poke-Me-Hiney! .. Housewives at Play #4 Comic

Catherine's neighbor and her friend start having sex together, and Catherine gets in on the action with a video camera -- and then Patty and Beth show up! Meanwhile, Catherine can't stop thinking about Poke-Me-Hiney. Thisis one of Eros' most popular series; three guesses why.... 

Housewives at Play 
"Special Edition"
Special Edition
Extra Large Comic
fills in the gaps between issues  4 and 5 of Housewives at Play $9.95
. Housewives at Play #5 Comic Catherine is driven into counselling over her obsession with sex, until her cousellor shows up at her doorstep and is dragged into the never-ending girl-orgy herself!
Housewives at Play #6 Comic

Here's a special comic book-size collection of pin-ups, with all the Housewives at Play characters making appearances: Catherine, Patty, Beth, Melissa, Jennifer and even Poke-Me-Hiney!


. Housewives at Play #7 Comic

Abandoning her family, Cathy flees to the home of her very-pregnant friend, hoping to control her overpowering lesbian urges. Unfortuately (or is that "fortunately?"), she soon finds herself seducing her -- then following her to the maternity ward for some post-delivery snatch lapping! 


Housewives at Play #8 Comic

Cathy and friends find themselves in a fashion boutique -- that doubles as a lesbian dungeon! Bottoms up, ladies...


. Housewives at Play #9 Comic In this issue, a trio of pop and country music starlets have captured our heroines and turned them into lesbian sex slaves!
All Comics Prior to Issue # 10 are Black and White Unless Otherwise Noted
All Comics from Issue # 10 and Up are Full Color >>> . Housewives at Play #10 Comic How does Rebecca celebrate her tenth quim-dripping issue? By subjecting Melissa to an extended, bisexual bondage gangbang... 
Housewives at Play #11 Comic

Rebecca tells her most perverse tale to date and all in full-color, too. Cathy Mitchell has been kidnapped by teen star Kandy Korn, who insists that Cathy play the role of her infant daughter. As Kandy Korn's sex slave, Cathy must once again endure the sexual tortures of some over-sexed nut. But it doesn't take much for Cathy to loosen up. When she is joined by her sister Lynn and her daughter Melissa, things really begin to heat up. Another full-color issue of America's favorite porno comic! 24-page full-color comic book.

Housewives at Play #12 Comic Another full-color surprise from the infamous Rebecca. Guess who just got out of jail? Must be Stephanie for her bold break out in the last issue. After being in prison she just can't help herself for being horny as hell -- and boy does she want it bad. First on her "to do" list? Find her old friends that are just as horny as she is. This is one issue Rebecca doesn't want any of her fans to miss. 24-page full color comic book.
Housewives at Play #13 Comic A new full-color comic book from that saucy and nasty Rebecca. For anyone unfamiliar with Eros' hit series Housewives at Play, this is a great jumping-on point. Longtime fans will be thrilled and delighted too, as storyteller Rebecca continues the erotic adventures of Cathy, her sister Lynn, and Cathy's daughter Melissa. Back home once more, Melissa is enrolled in Catholic high school while Mom and Auntie pretend to look for work. A lip smackin' juicy time is guaranteed for all. 24-page full-color comic book.
. Housewives at Play #14 Comic 24-page full-color comic book. Rebecca takes us to a new neighborhood with a whole batch of new beautiful hornier-than-thou housewives. Audrey is a soccer mom who doesn't think her "angel" is being treated properly by her teacher. A blackmail romp ensues when Audrey threatens to "expose" the bad teacher to the school board. This is not your mother's PTA!
Housewives at Play #15Comic

What’s a mother to do when she finds herself having sexual fantasies about her own teenage daughter? Give in, of course! It’s an especially easy decision to make when given an “open” invitation by Mommy’s little girl. Home schooling at its nastiest. 24-page full-color comic book.

. Housewives at Play #16 Comic Guess who's back? Yes, because you fans demanded it (and let's face it, Rebecca likes it too), Cathy, Patty and Beth return after a long hiatus with an all new "untold tale of Cathy," going back a few years to when she was first made a sex slave and unsure of how she feels about it. Readers will enjoy seeing Cathy do what she does best: get used and abused by her ever-present mistresses. 24-page full-color comic book.
Housewives at Play #17 Comic A middle-aged mom is invited to a surprise afternoon tea party -- only she's the surprise! After a morning of shopping for an appropriate outfit with her former best friend, they decide her birthday suit is best for the occasion. The afternoon is filled with fun for everyone, except for maybe hard-working hubby. 24-page full-color comic book. . Housewives at Play #18 Comic  In another untold tale of Cathy, the girls plan a get together suburbs style and while the hubby's grill the girls are upstairs doing the real cooking! Poor Cathy. Won't she ever learn to just do as she's told? 24-page full-color comic book.
Housewives at Play #19 Comic When Rebecca gives us a flashback, is there any way to describe it other than a HOT FLASH? Journey back to the early days when Patty first made Cathy her sex slave. Even at the beginning, Patty could dish it out, and here she's at her sadistic lesbian best. And as for Cathy, well, amid all her orgasms, does she really mind taking Patty's wicked torments? . Housewives at Play #20 Comic  The green doors to Rebecca's sensual suburban universe swing wide open once again. In a world where no wife goes unpunished and playing naughtily with others is encouraged, goodness and badness intertwine and sensuality is its own reward. Oh, but what if Hubby should walk in?!

Full Color Comics
Rebecca has outdone herself again. Using themes from her graphic album "Hot Moms"  as well as real life experiences from her new photo site
Rebecca takes us on a much deeper tour of her neighborhood. You are going to love meeting her neighbors aas they "teach"  newcummers their way of life. From the wildest neighborhood on earth!


Hot Moms #1
Hot Moms #2
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Teens At Play Comics and Albums
Rebecca has taken an "exclusive" focus on the teens in her neighborhood with this newest comic venture. 
You can purchase the Teens At Play Comics Below
Out of Print Out of Print
TAP Winter BreakSpecial

TAP Summer Special

TAP Girls Will Be Boys

TAP Spoiled Brats

TAP comics
Avaailable online at

TAP #3

TAP Like Mother Like Daughter
TAP Naughty Naughty

TAP #4

Teens at Play: NSFW
Join Rebecca's comic venture "Teens At Play"....where these newest comics are featured exclusively and cum to life!!!
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